I Propose To

With all your support, I propose to:

  • Improve training, resources and community collaboration to reduce home invasions & break-ins
  • Attain the highest level of safety where we live, work, play, and our children study
  • Protect property values by stopping home invasions and break-ins and ending aggressive overdevelopment in West Cary
  • Reduce new home development in West Cary until caps are removed from all schools
  • Provide four-lane access roads at all schools and across West Cary 
  • Reduce the highway 540 toll and collect a fair fee on the entire 540 Loop
  • Ban plastic bags and other non-recyclable plastic items and adopt water free, fertilizer free organic lawns (around our homes, schools, offices, greenways, parks, and roadsides) to conserve water resources and preserve & protect our environment
  • Make Cary once again the No. 1 place to live and workAccording to Money magazine, Cary was the No. 1 place to live and work in 2004 but the same magazine dropped our town to No. 37 in 2016

Save Our LivesOur Town, and Our Planet!

Dear Fellow Families,
I would like to ask you all a simple, but equally important question.

Will you live in this town if drinking water and environment are not safe and clean?
To conserve clean water and preserve & protect environment please support me and vote for me.
Thank You For Supporting Me.